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Who's Who - Staff

Teaching Staff

Headteacher: Mrs A Ward (Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Assistant Headteacher: Miss L Larham (SENDCo, Deputy Safeguarding Lead and Data Protection Officer)   


Foundation Class: Miss L Williams (Early Years Lead, Deputy Safeguarding Lead)

Class 1: Mrs P Whitmore/Miss Larham

Class 2: Mrs K Comb (KS1 Lead), Mrs  Wilkinson

Class 3: Mr G Smith/Mrs Morrison

Class 4: Miss R Griffin

Class 5: Mrs J Trewby

Class 6: Mrs S Polson (KS2 Lead)


Support Staff

Pre-School: Miss S Grummitt (Leader), Mrs L Millard (Deputy), Mrs M Cox, Mrs A Dennis

Foundation Class: Mrs L Bouchier, Mrs R Epifano, Mrs Ram

Class 1: Mrs A Damiano, Mr W Beddall, Mrs G Whitlock

Class 2: Mr Beddall, Mrs G Whitlock, Mrs N Russell

Class 3: Mrs J Wright, Mrs Canale, Mrs B Ruppersburg

Class 4: Mrs J Canale (Senior 1st Aid), Mrs Baker

Class 5: Miss S Shankland Mann 

Class 6: Miss S Shankland Mann


Office Staff

Office Manager: Mrs C Gayford

Office Administrator: Mrs V Thompson

ICT Technician: Mr T Ferguson


Midday Supervisors


Mrs Jessica Wright - Senior MDSA

Miss S Shankland Mann

Mrs S Baker

Mrs P Ram



Extended Services

Breakfast Club Leader: Mrs A Dennis

Breakfast Club Assistants: Miss S Shankland Mann, Mrs D Kelly

After School Club Leader: Mrs D Kelly

After School Club Assistant: Mrs A Dennis



Site Agent: Mrs D Kelly