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Welcome to Reception Class!

We hope that you and your child will soon settle in and feel happy and confident in being part of our school. We understand that school can be an overwhelming place for a new Reception child, so this page of our website will hopefully give you as much information as you need to help your child settle in and feel comfortable. 


Please make sure your child always has a coat as we go outside in most weathers. 


We have P.E on Tuesday afternoon. Weather depending, we may use our hall inside or our outside playground/field, so please make sure your child has full P.E kit. 


Library is on Friday morning and this is when children will have a chance to change their library book. Please ensure that your child has their library book with them in order to change their book. 


Please make sure your child has their book bag everyday in school containing their library book, reading book and reading record as we will be reading with the children every week after October half term. We will write in reading records once we have read with the children and we encourage you to do the same at home so that both you and we can see how often children are reading, when books are being changed and how well your children are doing. 


Please do not hesitate to contact a member of staff on the gate, or through the school office if you have any worries or concerns. 

School Readiness:

In Reception Class we encourage children to be as independent as they possibly can, developing an array of skills throughout the year. In order to give your child the best possible start from September we encourage parents to think about how to prepare their child ready for school.                                                  

At Renhold, we consider school readiness to be:

  • Can use the toilet independently.                                                                                                                                   
  • Can recognise their own name.
  • Able to eat independently (ideally using a knife and fork).                                                                                             
  • Can write the initial sound of their name, if not their whole name, .
  • Can dress themselves as independently as possible, e.g putting on coats, shoes and socks etc. 



Links to Ready to Learn leaflets are available on our parents page for extra support if needed. 


New Parents Presentation

Early Reading and Mathematics


In phonics, we use the Read Write Inc scheme. The children get used to the Read Write Inc style of learning phonics very quickly and each sound is taught in a similar way. The children follow a series of activities within each session which helps them to embed their learning and recap previously learnt sounds. They particularly enjoy the fun ways of praising each other and themselves; it really does bring their learning of reading to life and brings smiles to everyone's faces. Fred the frog also makes regular appearances throughout phonics sessions and we use him to help break down words in their sounds. As Fred can only speak in 'Fred talk' and not in words, the children use Fred to help segment words into their individual sounds before blending them back together to form words. Please note that in Reception we begin with sound set 1 and work towards learning all of sound set 2 by the end of Reception year. 


Some useful websites you might want to look at are:


In number work we use White Rose. This is a learning scheme designed to reinforce the learning of maths skills through physical tasks, including skills such as addition, subtraction, shape, pattern and measure as well as developing a higher level of thinking through early reasoning skills. 

Twice a half term we share a learning leaflet, designed to inform parents and carers of the learning that is going to be happening throughout the half term, and then a round up and celebration of the achievements that have been made over the weeks. This way you can talk to them about their time at school.  Each child has their own ‘Learning Journal’.  This is for everyone to share their achievements while in Reception.  We all add to this- the children, you and the teachers.  It shows the levels your child is working at in relation to the Early Years Foundation Stage and has examples of their activities and achievements.  We share this with you every half term.  We will have a time for you to come in and share this with your child or you may take it home to share with other  members of your family.


Our Golden Rules and Behaviour Chart

Our Golden Rules and Behaviour Chart  1
Our Golden Rules and Behaviour Chart  2

We are always talking about our Golden Rules in Reception class. 


When we follow the Golden Rules we get to go on the rainbow, pot of gold or unicorn. You can also go onto the rainbow for trying really hard with your work, doing something amazing or impressing one of the adults. If we need to think about the rules we go to the thinking cloud, where if we make good choices can go back to the sunshine. However, if we don't make a good choice in our behaviour we have to go to the sad cloud. If we are on the sad cloud, we lose five minutes of our choosing time before returning to the sunshine to have a fresh start. 


We have two awards given out each week to children who have followed the Golden Rules and impressed the adults; they are 'The Gold Box' and 'Poppy the Bear'. The Gold Box goes home to be filled with things that are special to the person who's turn it is. This can be wrappers from their favourite foods, pictures of family and friends or toys. Poppy the Bear also goes home for the weekend with the chosen child. She comes in a backpack with a diary for you to fill in with entries all about the weekend. Some children like to stick photos into the diary too, which is a great way to bring it to life. The children get to talk to the class about both the Gold Box and Poppy on their return to school on Monday; it is a great way for them to share and practise their speaking skills. 

Picture 1 The Gold Box
Picture 2 Poppy the Bear

What have we been up to this week?


This week Year R and Year 1 joined forces on their final trip of the year to Mead Open Farm. 


It was filled with lots of amazing things to do such as the tractor ride around the farm, animal feeding, stroking the bunnies, watching the giant pigs in Piggy Palace, joining friends on the huge play equipment and the most special treat, bottle feeding the lambs.
All children were brilliantly behaved and showed our school off to its best!
We cannot do these trips without our amazing parent helpers who were so fab today. Thank you to everyone who came and made our day to the farm possible!!!
Well done Year R! You showed us today how ready for Year 1 you really are!



Next week's 'Word of the Week' is...'Compare'. 



This week Reception Class have been preparing for the end of their year in Year R. 

They went to Class 1 for Shuffle Up morning where they participated in a whole range of activities such as french,self-portraits using mirrors, singing and colouring under water pictures. Everyone showed their best behaviour and they are all ready for their move in September. Well done Reception.


We have also been completing our final assessments in Phonics and of our HFWs. Miss Williams is extremely impressed with the knowledge that the children have taken on board this year and how much progress has been made. 


With Sports Day just around the corner, Year R children have also been practicing their events ready for next week. 


Next week's 'Word of the Week' is...'Duplicate' 


This week we have continued to think about Elmer as we used powder paints to create and mix primary colours together to explore a range of secondary colours. 


In Topic and literacy we have been thinking about the stories that come from the Bible and the Qur'an and about the similarities and differences between these special books. We classified and sorted different stories and then wrote about our favourities, giving reasons why by using the connective 'because'. 


We have also been practicing lots for our Summer Fayre dance which is this coming weekend. We will be dancing to 'Chicken Song' by Tony Wilson, taking us back to our learning about the life cycle of a hen. 


Next week's 'Word of the Week' is...'Adjust'. 



This week in literacy our text has been Elmer. We used the story to think about feelings and how everybody is unique and special. We wrote thought bubbles as if we were Elmer, using our phonics to write down things that Elmer might say or do. 


In Topic we continued to think about Elmer, this time about his colourful, patchwork skin and how we could mix primary colours together to create different secondary colours. We following instructions carefully in order to mix the powder paints together in our pallets, testing our mixed colours on our paper. 


In maths we have been thinking about money and the value of each coin. We used our addition skills to add coin values together to pay for different types of fabric in our role play wall paper shop. 


Next weeks 'Word of the Week' is...'Repeat'.


This week we have been busy writing and creating our own cards and messages in preparation for Father's Day. 

We used the words 'To' and 'From' within our messages in order to give them the structure of a letter and then we stuck them inside our card designs ready to send. 

We designed our cards using the technique of printing. We scored our images into a polystyrene square using a pencil, carefully ensuring we didn't press to hard to break it. Once our drawings were ready, we added paint and flipped them over to print onto our cards. The results were amazing!


In Maths we have revisited halving and doubling using the mirrors and halving mats. All children fully understood both concepts and super consolidation learning took place, recording independent number stories in both addition and subtraction. 


Next week's 'Word of the Week' is...'Colourful'. 


Our Topic for the final half term of this year is called 'Pattern and Change'. 

We kicked started our learning by taking a closer look at the Queen. It is her birthday this weekend so we have been thinking about way in which we celebrate, the traditional patterns of birthday celebrations and the similarities and difference between ourselves and the Queen. 


In literacy we wrote letters to the Queen to find our more about how she will celebrate her birthday. We asked her questions and included questions marks in our writing. We also remembered to include 'to' and 'from' within our letters. 


In Topic time we created our own royal bunting to hang up in our classroom to celebrate the Queen's official birthday. We used a range of materials to embellish our bunting triangles. 


In Maths we have been sorting and classifying 3D shapes according to their properties. We even played 3D shape bingo!!!



Next half term our topic will be called 'Pattern and Change'. Our first 'Word of the Week' will be ... 'Arrangement'. 


In the final week before half term we have been focusing on the differences between Islam and Christianity. We have discussed where a Muslim and a Christians special place may be, and what objects and items we may find in each. We used books, real life artefacts and videos to help us develop our understanding of these two religions and faiths. 


In Maths we have been exploring and measuring distance. We used non-standard measures such as our hands, feet and bricks to measure the distance a ball had rolled. We had 3 goes each and recorded each distance that the ball had traveled. Finally we used our number knowledge to work out which of the 3 distances was the furthest. 


Our text this week has been The Ugly Duckling. We retold the story and made sure we included connectives such as 'and' and 'because' in our work to make our sentences longer. We also made sure we included adjectives to make our writing more interesting and exciting for the reader. 


Next week's Word of the Week is...'Thrive'.



This week our text has been Chicken Licken. We have used this story to notice and create our own rhyming words, searching the text for ideas of how to build our own rhymes. We have also been retelling the story of Chicken Licken, describing main events from the book and making sure we include all of our EPOW elements. 


In Maths we have been collecting data using pictograms. We investigate the most popular eye and hair colours in our classroom, discovering that brown is the most common for both. We have also been estimating this week, making sensible guesses at how many objects are in different sized jars. We counted the objects at the end of the week to find out if we had made sensible estimates or not. 


In Topic time we have been learning about the life cycle of a Frig. We used a range of materials to create our own versions of the life cycle and bring it to life by making it 3D. 

Next week's Word of the Week is...'Decay'. 


This week's text has been The Tiger Who Came to Tea. We read the story, used our comprehension skills to think about all of the different things he ate and drank throughout the book and then reordered and retold the story in our own words. There has been a fantastic level of independence within everybody's writing this week. 


In topic time we have been learning about the life cycle of a hen. We made our own diagrams to show the life cycle, adding a 3D edge to our pictures by using different materials.

We also have been taking part in a science experiment using eggs. It was called the Egg Drop Challenge. 

We each had an egg in a zippy bag and we added a range of different materials to the bags in order to investigate which ones helped to protect our eggs when we dropped them to the floor. 

The materials ranged from baked beans and syrup, to ice and bubble wrap. We made predictions about the materials and thought about which ones may save our eggs before letting them go and seeing what happened. 

It was amazing to see which materials protected our eggs and which did not. We loved making a mess without actually making any mess at all :-)


In maths we have been focusing on mental maths, using our number knowledge to find 1 more and 1 less than any given number to 10/20. We threw balls into marked buckets, identified the number on each bucket and then worked out what 1 more/1 less was than that number. 

Next week's word of the week is...'growth'. 

Next week's word of the week is...'Life-cycle'. 

26.4.19 / 2.5.19

Our topic this half term is 'Squeak and Squawk' and we will be exploring the animal kingdom, creatures who live within it, life cycles and other animal related ideas. 


To start our topic we have been thinking back to our Zoo Lab visit and which animals we got to hold, touch and ask questions about. We have been writing sentences to describe our favourite creatures and why, ensuring we have included capital letters and full stops within our work. 

In topic we have explored what a habitat is and how this differs for each species of animal or living thing. We classified and sorted animals according to their habitats. 

In maths we have been using the Numicon pieces to create number bonds to 10 and 20, writing down our addition number stories including the correct symbols for add and equals. 


This week we have also started our Reception Garden. We have been planting seeds for vegetables and flowers, watering them carefully, feeding them with special plant food and we are waiting for them to grow. 

Outside we have been creating our own bird feeders in order to attract wild life into our garden. We mixed together seeds, cheese, lard and raisins before freezing the mixture and putting it inside our naturally decorated pots. We will hang them next week and see which birds we can see.


Next terms first word of the week will be...'Habitat'. 


This week we have been thinking about Easter and the story of Jesus' on the cross. We have retold the story and re-wrote it on our own words. 


In Topic we have thought about the ways that Christians might celebrate  Easter and have made chocolate nests in preparation for the end of Lent on Easter Sunday. 


In maths we have been practicing halving amounts using objects and halving mats. 


Next week's word of the week is ...'Poem'.

Our literacy focus this week has been writing in the style of a card. We have focused on the words 'To' and 'from' to be used within our messages, ensuring we chose a female member of our families to send our cards to in order to celebrate the tradition of Mother's Day. We have discovered the history behind Mother's Day and have talked about some of the ways that people all over the world celebrate. 


Topic time was for creating the cards themselves. We used a wide range of materials which we chose ourselves, independently creating our own designs to send home on Friday. 


In Maths we have been using mirrors an objects to solve doubling number questions. We recorded the doubling problems as addition number stories, including the add and equals symbols in order to record and solve these questions carefully and accurately. 



Next week's word of the week is 'Rhyme'. 


This week we have been thinking more about Lent and what it means. We have written our own sentences which begin with the word 'For' to describe and explain what we will or have given up for Lent and the reasons why. We have discussed lots of facts about Lent and discovered many different pieces of information such as it lasts for 40 days, we give up something we like during Lent to represent the sacrifices that Jesus made whilst he was in the desert, purple is the colour of Lent for the Christian church and many more. 

In Topic we have continued to think about Lent but through colour mixing. We have explored different shades of purple and how we can create many different shades of the same colour by adding in either black or white paint to effect the lightness or the darkness of the colour.

In Maths we have focused on number ordering, recognition to 20 and also number formation. 


Next week's word of the week is...'Lyric'. 



This week the children have been getting stuck into some investigations as part of our British Science Week celebrations across the whole school. 

In our classroom we have explored different aspects of science including light, magnetic force and the human body as well as taking part in group experiments which have had us thinking more about liquids and their viscosity.
Mrs Wilson came into our classroom and made Deco-tropes with the children. These are an optical illusion which appear to be magic but use science to make them work.
We also each created our own time capsules and filled them with lots of information about ourselves. We will be interested to look at them again in a years time to see what has changed!


Our writing task was to create a wanted poster to find the Queen's missing knickers, following on from our text of the week 'The Queen's Knickers'. 


We have also done lots of independent learning across the whole curriculum. Take a look...



Next week's word of the week is...'Tribe'.


This week we have been thinking about Shrove Tuesday and the traditions behind why we make pancakes. We have also been thinking about the start of Lent, and what we may give up during this time. To celebrate pancake day, we made our own pancakes by following instructions and looking out for the 'bossy words'. We have also been thinking about the equipment and ingredients we may need to make a pancake and have written these items down in a list. 


In Maths we have been learning about money. We have looked at the difference between coins and notes and discussed their values and also when we have used money before. We have played games where we have matched money value cards to the coins themselves, as well as worked hard to add coin values together to create larger amounts. 


This week we also had our first Year R trip to Nene Valley Railway. We did so many things, including visiting the Station Master's office, the model railway, weighing ourselves on luggage scales, visiting the train work shop and taking a ride on a real steam train. We even got to eat our lunch on board!! It was a fab day out!!


We participated in a 'Godly Play' session this week where we heard the story of The Good Shepherd and thought about our safe places and what makes us feel happy. 


We have also participated in World Book Day where we performed 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' to the rest of Key Stage 1, and some of us showed off our hard work with our designs to get Old Bear down from the attic. 

Next week's word of the week is...'Community'. 

This week we have combined our Literacy and Topic sessions, focusing on the text 'Old Bear. We listened to the story, thinking about the characters and the many ways they tried to get Old Bear down from the loft. We then created our own ways of how we could get him down safely, designing and drawing our ideas on paper, adding clearly written labels which explained the different parts of our ideas.Then we wrote sentences which described how Old Bear would use our designs to get himself down from the loft, making sure we included lots of high frequency words. Finally we used a range of junk modelling materials to bring our designs to life. 


In Maths we have been focusing on weight and sharing.

We have explored a range of scale types, using balance scales to investigate objects against an egg in order to compare their weight. We have used lots of language which helps us to describe the weight of something including heavy, light, lightest, lighter, heavier, medium and average.

We have also been learning how to solve number problems by sharing. We used a method called the '1 for you, 1 for me' method to equally share out objects, ensuring we used carefully counting to check if we had shared fairly. We also learned a rhyme which we can use when we are sharing to help us remember what we need to do...'Remember, when we share, it must be fair!' 

Next week's word of the week will be...'Chant'. 


This week our focus text has been 'Peace at Last' by Jill Murphy. We have been thinking about the characters within the story and writing descriptions of them, including our connective word 'because' to extend our sentences. We have also been completing book reviews about the text as well as others, rating the story out of 5 stars, thinking about the title and the author and also writing down our favourite scenes. 


In maths our focus has been time. Outside we drew a giant clock face that we have been exploring, creating our own watches and adding on different times to their faces. We have focused on o'clock and half past times, ensuring we understand about the different hands and their jobs. We have used the 1 minute egg timers to challenge ourselves with a partner this week. We have estimated how many different things we could do in 1 minute, then used the timers to find out the accurate answers and recorded them on our sheets carefully. We completed challenges such as 'How many star jumps can you do in 1 minute?' and 'How many bounces with a ball can you do in 1 minute?'. 


In topic time we have been thinking about what makes a healthy diet. We have been on mini picnics in our classroom where we discussed the food in our picnic baskets, talking about healthy choices and treat foods. We have also completed our own balanced diet plate. 


Next week's word of the week is...'Bellow'. 


This week we have finished our half term with a week dedicated to R.E. We have been exploring where we belong, who is important to us and how we know that we are special.

The children have been writing some amazing sentences about who is special to them, using the word because to extend their thoughts and give a reason why within their writing. 

We also have been thinking about how families welcome new babies into the world and how they give them a sense of belonging. WE have compared the differences in how Christian families and Islamic families do this and have completed venn diagrams to show which things overlap the two faiths. 

A parent visited us this week with her new baby and gave us some first hand ideas on how she and her family welcomed their new baby into the world. She brought lots of items with her for us to look at such as her photo album, baby shower games and also her clothes. 


In Maths we have been using positional language to describe where things are, going on a welly boot hunt around our classroom and outside area. 


We have had a fabulous half term and the children have all worked so hard. Wishing everyone a very restful break and we will see you next half term for more progress :-)


Next week's word of the week is...'Transport'. 


This week we have been using the word 'because' in our writing to extend our sentences and to be able to give a reason why something is happening or why we are going somewhere. We thought about where we would like to visit on holiday and the ways in which we might travel to those places, writing some amazing extended sentences which include all of our EPOW steps. We have also been learning how to write lists and including numbers for each new item. We thought hard about what we would need to take with us on holiday and wrote a suitcase list ready to start packing. 


In Maths we have focused on finding 1 more and 1 less than a given number. We have been working with a partner using objects and hoops to challenge ourselves, using careful counting to find the amount of objects in the hoop and then using a numberline to identify what would be 1 more and 1 less than that number. 


In Topic we have been thinking about road safety and how to keep ourselves safe whilst out and about.. We have also been creating our own vehicles using a wide range of materials and using our very own footprints as the base. 


Next week's word of the week is...'Voyage'. 


This week we have used the text 'The Big Red Bus' to complete sentences by filling in the gaps. We used common high frequency words to complete our sentences and read them out loud to make sure they made sense. We also have been thinking about lots of describing words and lovely language to describe the modes of transport featured in the story. 


In Topic we have been using our creative skills to make our own junk model vehicles. We used a range of materials and a number of different techniques to attach and bond our junk together in order to create the parts we needed to assemble our transport. A wide range of vehicles were made from cars, to monster trucks to aeroplanes and police helicopters.                                              We also went on a whole class local walk, to see what we could find outside which relates to journeys. We created our own maps to record our findings, adding pictures and labels. We noticed things in our local environment such as road signs, traffic lights, a bus stop, a post box and many more. 


Our Maths focus this week has been capacity. In order to explore this further we made our own smoothies and used the liquid to see how many cups it would take to fill our glass. We recorded our findings on a sheet and also made estimations on how many cups it would take to fill. We also explored different containers and their capacities using water, sand and cubes. 

Next week's word of this week is....'Hike'.

This week we have been looking at the book '5 Little Men in a Flying Saucer'. We have focused on the places that they visited in the story and then used our HFWs 'they/ went/ to/ the' to write sentences which describe them. Children have been really imaginative with their language this week, thinking of alternative words in order to make their sentences more interesting. 


In Maths we have been using objects and careful counting to create our own addition and subtraction numbers stories. We worked closely with a partner to create our stories by dropping objects into a box, counting each item that we heard drop and writing this down, inserting symbols such as +, = and - to complete our number sentences. 


In Topic time we have thought about how we keep ourselves safe when we are out and about, focusing on how we should cross the road safely. Lots of children showed how much knowledge they had about road safety and ways to keep safe. We also have been discussing other ways to keep ourselves safe and healthy such as exercise, sleep, hygiene and diet. 



Next week's word of the week is...'Alfresco'. 


This week we have been looking at the book, 'We're going on s Bear Hunt' by Micheal Rosen. We came up with our own actions for the story as well as created our own sentences using the HFWs 'I like the' to describe our favourite parts of the story. The work we completed was amazing, using EPOW to make our writing even better!!


In Maths we have been looking at 3D shapes and thinking about the differences between these type of shapes and 2D shapes. We went on shape hunts around our classroom, used the shape's properties to describe them and even built them using blue tac and straws. We discovered that the mathematical name for the corners on a shape is 'vertices'. 


In Topic we have been discussing our daily routines and journeys that we make regularly. We looked at journeys such as coming to school, going to the lunch hall and getting home and the different ways in which all we make them. We discovered that within our class, we use a whole range of modes of transport to get to and from school, including walking, bikes, taxis and the bus. 


Tomorrow we end our week with a Science Inquiry morning. Photos to follow. 



Next week's word of the week is...'Adventure'. 



Our topic this half term is all about travelling, journeys and transport...'Out of Doors!' 

This half term we will be learning about different modes of transport, how they work and how they may have changed from years ago. We will be thinking about the journeys we make regularly and the ones we make on special occasions and how we make them, making our own maps to record our travels. 

We will also be visiting Nene Valley Railway this term where we will get to learn more about the steam train, even eating our lunch on board as we make a trip to Peterborough. 


Next week's word of the week is...'Architect'. 



This week we performed our nativity of 'Born in a Barn' to a packed out audience of our grown ups!! 

We sang our hearts out and danced all of the actions really well.  What a fab end to this term!!


Next week's word of the week is...'Enormous'.



This week we have been getting ready for Christmas in our classroom. 


In Literacy we have been re-writing the Christmas story using pictures to help order and retell the special tale. 

In Topic we have been rehearsing lots for our Nativity production of 'Born in a Barn'. It is looking and sounding amazing!!

In Maths we have been exploring the language of 'more' and 'less' and have been playing a game using special dice and coloured objects. 


This week we have also made our own snowmen Christmas cards and have completed them with special messages inside for our grownups and loved ones. 

Our classroom also turned Christmassy this week with the introduction of our Santa's Grotto fireplace and magical lights on our reading tree. 


Next week's word of the week is......'exist'.



This week Reception Class took part in a whole school RE Day this Wednesday, where we participated in many different activities to help support our understanding of Advent, the Nativity story and how people celebrate all over the world. 

In Reception Class we made our own Advent Wreath using our hands and took part in an Advent Spiral where we lit candles and reflected upon our wishes for this Christmas. 

It was a great day of learning for all!!


In Literacy we have been using the High Frequency Word 'she' to write sentences which describe the Woman Who Lived in a Shoe.


In Maths we have been using careful counting to find the total of two sets of objects, recording our findings carefully. We even added in some 'ninja' maths signs to create our own addition number sentences. 



Next week's word of the week is 'miniscule'. 



This week we have been looking at our new HFWs 'this' and 'that'. We played snap to practice reading and recognising the words before we built our own sentences using picture cards and other vocabulary. 


In Maths we have been thinking about the idea of Estimation and how when we estimate we need to make a sensible guess. The children have really understood this concept and even played an estimation game where they needed to estimate how many objects they can fit in their shoe and then investigate to find the actual amount. They were all super engaged and even earned a whole class dojo point for trying so hard. 


In Topic we have kept with our houses theme and have been making our own models out of junk materials. The focus has been on the vocabulary related to houses and buildings as well as the features of the house itself. 




This week's word of the week is 'cottage'. 



This week we have been continuing our learning about the Christmas Story and the birth of baby Jesus. We heard of nasty King Herod and how Mary and Joseph needed to escape to Egypt to stay safe. We have been creating our own art work to represent the story. 

To continue our exploration of patters, this week we have been using our fine motor skills to carefully weave card together to create colourful patterns using checks. 


We have begun our rehearsals for our Nativity called 'Born in a Barn' and we have been really busy practicing the fun and exciting songs in preparation for our performances in December. 



This week's word of the week is.....'conditions'. 



This week our Literacy focus has been The Princess and the Pea. We used the story as inspiration to write sentences to describe our bedrooms at home, including the high frequency words 'has' and 'the' to talk about what what they look like. 


In Topic we have began to discuss the Christmas story and Jesus' birth. We know that he was born on Christmas Day in a barn, surrounded by animals and three kings came to visit him with gifts. We have been thinking about which group of people believe in the Christmas story - Christians, and where they might go to celebrate his birthday. We have also been looking at special artifacts such as crosses and the Nativity scene and even had a go at making our own versions. 


In Maths we have been looking at, describing and creating our own patterns. We used a range of materials such as shapes, cubes, colours and pegs etc to create our patterns and we have been on the look out all week for patterns that we may find around us in the environment. 


We have also been busy raising some money this week for our ICT fund by coming into school dressed in our pajamas. It was hugely successful, raising more than £70!! Thank you to all who donated. 


Our word of the week was 'comfortable'. 


This week we have been recapping over our Golden Rules after our much deserved half term break. 


In Literacy we have been thinking about Bonfire Night and fireworks, using our new HFWs 'it', 'is', and 'went' to desribe the sound the fireworks made when they exploded. 

Our topic work has also been focused around bonfire night, learning about Guy Faulkes and his failed plan as well as how we traditionally celebrate the occasion. We have created our own firework images by mixing glitter and paint in a salad spinner. The effect is amazing!!


This week our maths focus has been about sequencing numbers. We have used special 'house' number cards to test our number recognition skills and to order numbers from smallest to biggest, even when some of the numbers in the number line are missing. 


Our word of the week this week was 'create'. A perfect word for our firework theme!!




This week we have continued to focus on Autumn, thinking about the changes to the weather we are experiencing and how we need to adjust the clothes we wear to stay warm. 

In Literacy we have completed our HFW and Phonic assessments which the children did brilliantly in. Our next set of bookmarks containing each child's personal selection of high frequency words have now gone home to learn. 

In Maths we have been thinking about how we record numbers, practicing carefully to form numbers correctly and clearly. 


We have a brand new Maths Interest Centre in our classroom, ready to begin exploring after half term. The area is filled with lots of maths resources which will be permanently available for the children to explore and investigate. It looks so sparkly and new and we can't wait to start using it. 


Our words of the week this week was Personally!! The children have been caught using this word within their conversations throughout the week :-)


Autumn Term 2 - I Will Build You a House

Our topic this half is half term is all about where we live, where others live, buildings that we may visit that have special meaning to communities and how home and habitats can differ from one another. We have a Builders Yard role play area along with a construction site small world area which is ever increasingly popular. 

Questions we want to answer this term…

Are all houses the same size and shape?

What buildings are in our local communities?

Are houses and homes the same or different?

Why do houses have numbers on the door?


The link to this terms newsletter can be found in the newsletter section of the web page.  


New photos and updates will be added to this page weekly so all parents and see the exciting things that are taking place in our classroom over the half term. 


If there are any questions regarding this half terms topic, please ask a member of the Reception Class team at anytime. 



What another MARVELLOUS turn out for our Maths morning! Ihope you enjoyed it and was able to take something away withyou to use at home.

Thank you again for taking time out of your day to be here withthe children this morning and also for your on-going support forReception Class. :-)



This week we have been learning all about instructions and which words within them tell us what to do. We have been calling these words 'bossy words'. The children have been great at identifying 'bossy' words within instructions, being able to follow two sets in order to make fairy cakes and jam sandwiches, ready for our tea party on Friday. 


Our Maths focus this week has been weight. We were able to link this to our literacy work, using scales and lots of lanuage whilst measuring out our ingredients for our fairy cakes. 


In Topic time we have been thinking about Autumn and how the seasons are changing and what other changes we can see or feel happening around us. We have been on the hunt for signs of Autumn and have been talking about all of the things we could do or make with a pumpkin. 


This week we introduced a new concept to our classroom. This is 'Word of the Week' and it is part of our EPOW board. We are encouraging the children to explore the meaning of this word and use it within their conversations or even writing. It is a great way of enriching our children's vocabulary and language skills. This week's word has been 'marvellous'. 




This week our Literacy focus has been to use the high frequecy words 'I', 'like' and 'my' within a sentence in order to tell someone what we like about ourselves. The children came up with some really celebratory sentences about themselves and their bodies which were lovely to read. Some children even included the connective 'because' in their writing to explain to the reader why they like that particular thing about themselves. 


In Topic we have been learning what our primary colours are and how to mix them to create secondary colours. We explored what happens when we mix 2 colours together and the children were fabulous when following instructions within our small group exploration time. We also have set up our own colour experiment in our classroom using water, food colouring and paper towels. The water travels up the paper towel and mixes together to create a secondary colour. The children have been facinated by this and have been checking on the cups throughout the week. 


In Maths our focus has been height. The children have been outside building towers, ordering objects and animals and using the ICT equipmnent to explore this. They have been using fab height related language with 'average' being our word of the week. 



This week we have been exploring our 5 senses! We have taken part in many different challenges which have tested our senses as well as our ability to describe what we are smelling, seeing, feeling, tasting or hearing. We worked with a partner to complete the smelling challenge where we needed to work out what was in each pot by smelling its contents and describing what it smelt like. The chocolate pot was the hardest not to sneak a taste!! We also used our sense of touch to describe items that were hidden in the feely box. Some amazing language was used to help others guess the contents!


In Literacy we used our sense of sight to write sentences aboout what we could see, using our new HFWs 'I', 'can' and 'see' to describe something from within our classroom. The level of independence within our writers is amazing!! They also were able to use our EPOW board to include the non-negotiables for writing in our classroom. 


In Maths we have been looking at size, ordering objects using their size as well as describing objects we found on our size hunt around the school. Again, some amazing language was used this week!



This week our Literacy challenge has been to think about our strengths and our hobbies in order to write sentences using the HFWs 'I can...' The children have come up with some amazing sentences and have shown some amazing skills within their writing such as well formed sounds, inclusion of fingers spaces as well as working with independence. They have really taken to using our EPOW board to help shape their writing and improve their quality in such a short space of time. 


In Topic we have been thinking of the people we live with at home, our families, friends, wider family and our communities. The children have been creating their own family booklets and talking about how their families help them at home. Some children have been using familiy photos to help them with their booklets or as a talking point. 


In Maths we have been looking at shapes. The children have been naming, describing and sorting common 2D shapes according to their properties. The children have been amazing at using their shape language such as corners, edges, straight or curved and 2D flat shapes to describe these common shapes. 


In other areas the children have been exploring the computers and using th 2Simple Paint programm eto create some wonderful independent pictures. 



We finished off the week by inviting our grown ups into school to take part in a Phonics/Reading morning. We al took part in a group phonics lesson and then we shared top tips and helpful strategies for helping our children read and practice their phonics at home. Then our grown ups got to explore the classroom themselves!! It was a total success!



This week our Literacy challenge has been to write sentences using the HFWs 'I and 'am'. All of the children achieved this objective with all producing great work. The children have also been introduced to our EPOW board in our classroom. EPOW stands for Every Piece Of Writing and it acts as a memory tool for the children. It hellps them to remember and include some key features which we expect them to use within their writing. This week's focus has been correct letter formation and including finger spaces. Throughout the year new features will be added to our EPOW board and as the children start to regularly and autonimously use them within their writing, some may be removed to make way for more. 


Our Maths challenge this week was to order numbers. The children were able to work to their own level and challenge themselves, some ordering to 5, others to 10 and some up to 20. All children achieved this objective either with complete independece or by using a numberline to support with counting and ordering. Great job Reception!!


Our Topic challenge was to draw ourselves. We started by talking about what a self portrait is and how we can make sure it looks like an accurate representation of ourselves. The children used mirrors to take a closer look at teir features and selected their colours carefully to produce some wonderful and very life like pictures. 




This week marked the arrival of our new Reception children into our class. They all settled in exceptionally well and immediately got to grips with our routines and environment. So many new friendships have been made and already so much fun has been had!!


Each week, the children will be set challenges to complete which involve different elements of the curriculum. The children have to sign in and register at each challenge to show which ones they have completed but also because building independence and ownership over their learning is paramount in our classroom.


Our Literacy challenge this week was to carefully write our names, either using a name card for support or independently. The children all impressed up with the writing skills and our finished names are on display outside of our classroom. 


Our Maths challenge was to match amounts of objects with the correct numeral on a number card. The children could either work using a number line or number fan to help them or again could work with complete independence. All children showed brilliant basic number awareness and fab counting skills. 


Our topic challenge this week was to use paint to create a hand print. The hand prints looks fab and are up on our Golden Rules display wall. 


To round up, the children have had an amazing first week at Renhold Primary and we look forward to guiding and supporting them as they move forward throughout the year. 


Autumn Term 1 2018/19 - Introducing Me 

This half term our topic is all about ourselves and the people we know. We take a look at our feelings and emotions, our bodies, our families, the people in our communities who help us as well as our friends and school peers. 

Questions we want to answer this term…

What makes you special and unique?

What colour hair, eyes and skin do you have to make you look like you?

Is everyone the same or is everyone different?

Who are the people who help you the most?


The link to this terms newsletter can be found in the newsletter section of the web page.  


New photos and updates will be added to this page weekly so all parents and see the exciting things that are taking place in our classroom over the half term. 


If there are any questions regarding this half terms topic, please ask a member of the Reception Class team at anytime. 





We ended our week with our Year 1&Year R summer trip to Willows Activity Farm on Thursday. 

The children were brilliantly behaved and explored the park with their grown ups. 


They got to take part in many different activities ranging from watching the Peter Rabbit Show, feeding and holding the animals, using the vast array of play equipment, watching a cow milking display and finally cheering on their favourite sheep in the sheep race. 


Everybody had an amazing time! I would like to say a huge thank you to all parent volunteers who gave up their time to attend our trip, we could not provide such enriching and exciting experiences for the children without you. 

See our class Dojo page for more photos. 




This week we have begun our practice for the ISingPop concert in the final week of term. We have been so excited to learn all of the new songs and dance routines to impress our grown ups very soon!


In the classroom we have been enjoying our final few weeks as Reception children by free choosing in our environment. We love our classroom and will be sad to move out, however we are all super excited for what is to come in Year 1. 


This week we have been working hard on our Summer Fayre Dance which we are performing this weekend!! The children have worked incredibly hard at rehearing and learning our dance in time to impress their grown ups and they cannot wait to show you all!! The theme of our dance is The Hungry Caterpillar and each child takes on their own character as the story is brought to life!! 


We also had KS1 Sports Day where every child took part in a number of events and races. All of Reception were amazingly good sports and cheered each other on to show great sportsmanship. The overall winning house was Green, however, all children deserve a huge well done for taking part and making the afternoon such a fun experience. Well done all!!


Photos of both events follow... 



This week we have taken part in a PE sports festival with the older children in Key Stage 1. We showed them our amazing listening skills and athletic ability when practicing for our sports day races and games. All of the Reception children took part with enthusiasm and effort, well done to all!!


In the classroom we have been doing some mental maths using the interactive whiteboard. We have been working independently to answer a series of quick fire questions, looking at number bonds to 10, ordering numbers and addition number stories. We wrote down our answers and double checked them using a range of resources such as counters and the counting stick. We are all amazing at maths!! 


We have also begun to practice our Summer Fayre Dance..... it's going to be amazing!! 



This week in Reception Class our Literacy focus has been writing messages for Father's Day. We were able to reflect on the skills we developed for letter writing from last week, and made sure we included our key words 'To' and 'From' in our messages./ We also have been using the connective 'because' in our writing to explain the reasons why we love our grown ups so much!!


In Maths we have been looking at doubling and halving. The children have been playing board games, in particular Snakes and Ladders in order to put their skills into practice. They all have shown progression in their understanding of what doubling and halving means as well as showing amazing team work skills to complete the game. 


In Topic time we have been using print to design our own Father's Day inspired cards. The children carefully created their pattern into a polystyrene square before painting it using an array of colours and turning it over to print onto their chosen card. The results look amazing!! 



This week the children have returned for their final half term as Reception pupils with a bang!! 

The classroom has been transformed into a patterned paradise to support our topic of 'Pattern and Change'. 


In Literacy we have been focusing on The Queen, her up coming birthday and how she celebrates this tradition. We have discussed way that we celebrate our birthdays and have investigated whether the Queen shares any of our birthday traditions. 


In Maths we have been looking at number bonds to 10 and to 20. The children have really understood this concept of how to create a total and have called the number bonds 'special number friends'. 


We have also introduced 'Learning Detectives' to our classroom this week. This is where 2 children are nominated per day to be 'Learning Detectives'. Their job is to investigate throughout the classroom and look for children who are displaying our whole school values through their learning. The children have loved this so far!!! Here is a picture of their Detective capes and masks along with the Learning Detective door display. 




This week we have been focusing on 2D and 3D shapes inside and outside of our classroom. We have created 2D chalk shapes on the ground by tracing around string and we have been on a 3D shape hunt around the school, noticing lots of shapes hiding that we haven't seen before. 


Our topic focus has been about Frogs and their life cycles. We have read lots of frog related texts such as 'Oi! Frog' and 'Toads' and have developed our understanding of how frogspawn transforms into a fully grown frog. 

Our butterflies are now starting to hatch too so our classroom is full of wonderful nature and life!


Our half term ends today with a whole class trip to the cinema to see Peter Rabbit. The children have all worked very hard this half term so this is a very well deserved treat to finish with. Well done all! 



This week Reception Class have taken part in Bikability. This amazing program helps children to transition from stabilisers to push bikes using balance bikes. All week the children have been outside in the sunshine with their instructor Adam. They have played games such as 'What's the time Mr Wolf' and followed instructions carefully to complete the course. Everyone was extremely well behaved and sensible whilst on the bikes and every child received a certificate to celebrate their success! 


In other areas, all children have completed their RWI and HFW assessments this week. Everyone has made so much progress and has worked really hard! Well done Reception! New HFW bookmarks are being sent home today. 



This week our text has been The Ugly Duckling. The children have used the text to write sentences which describe how the duck was feeling and why. They have included the connectives 'and' and 'because' in their writing too. Every child has written independently this week and what has been produced is amazing! Some of the work is worthy of Year 1 standard. Well done writers! 


In Maths we have focused on 1 more and 1 less,and counting in multiples of 2's, 5's, and 10's. The children have all deepened their understanding of counting forwards, backwards and number recognition. 


Our topic challenge this week was called 'The Egg Drop'. The children each had a bag which contained an egg inside. They then added a range of different materials to their bag, such as ice, water, cotton wool, feather, baked beans, and then made a prediction about whether that material would protect the egg from breaking when dropped. They then got the drop their bag and find out the answer. The children loved this EGGperiment and the adults thought it was EGGcellent too!! 



This week we have kept with the bug theme with our visit from Zoo Lab. They bought in an array of creatures for us to look at, touch and even hold. The children showed great listening skills, asked some amazing questions and took so much from this special experience. 


In Maths this week we have been focusing on money. The children have been using their skills of number recognition as well as addition to add together coin values in order to purchase items from Miss Williams' 'pop up' shop. Lots of lovely maths language has been used which demonstrates the children's growing mathematical vocabulary. 


Our text for the week has been Chicken Licken. The children have been working on rhyme and writing recounts of the story. Some of the writing produced this week has certainly been of Year 1 standard. Well done Reception Writers!! 


This week Reception have been busy with lots of different art and craft activities. 

There have been some amazing 'still' life' drawings and sketches of mini beasts, really showing the artistic ability of our children. 

Lots of the class have also been making their own animal role play masks for using in the jungle role play area. Their work has been so creative and original, earning the class lots of Dojo points. 


Reception also showed amazing listening during P.E this week, when we all went on an African Yoga Adventure!! Lots of the class won points for becoming 'Yoga Masters' as they moved and stretched their way through the African Safari. 


Thank you to all parents who have signed up to our Class Dojo page. The children are thoroughly enjoying and responding to the reward scheme and its been fab to be able to support their learning with such specific and accurate praise. 

Keep working hard Reception! 



Welcome back to the Summer Term!

We have kicked off our new topic this half term by making bird feeders! The children have loved it; carefully decorating their yogurt pot with natural looking feathers and adding a pipe cleaner so it can be hung in our garden. Later on today we are going on a nature walk to hang our bird feeders around our school. 


In maths our focus has been 'time'. We have been timing ourselves using the 1 minute timers and recording how many times we can complete an activity in that 1 minute. This has bought out such a competitive angle to our learning which has been wonderful to see. The children have also been making their own watches independently.


Our book of the week this week was 'The Tiger Who Came To Tea'. The children have written some wonderful recounts of the story as well as been thinking about what they do throughout their week. They also have been enjoying the sunshine by having their own tea parties outside!!


Our first day back started with a bang. All of the children lined up beautifully and by 9.05am, every member of our class had their name up on the rainbow. What a fab start!


We finished off the week by participating in the Year 5 Play Leaders Festival. The Reception Class children all participated so well and thoroughly enjoyed playing along side the older children in the school, as well as engaging in some very new and different activities. 


Keep up the hard work Reception Class! 




Unfortunately our upcoming Makeover Day for our outside area has had to be postponed until further notice due to the wet weather. We plan on moving the makeover day to a date at the beginning of the Summer holidays and we will be send out further details next term. 

Thank you to all parents who have volunteered their time and resources so far and we look forward to getting our project started soon! 


Miss Williams 



This week has been Brain Awareness Week in school and Reception Class have engaged in some fab activities to test their thinking and to develop their understanding of how our brains work. Check out our brain hats during this today's parents open afternoon. 


We have learnt what our brains need to stay healthy and happy. The children all showed great understanding of the things we need to keep our brains working at their best. We learnt some fun brain facts too which even surprised some of our adults. 


We would like to say a big thank you to all of the parents and grownups who came to our parent's afternoon this week. It means so much to the children to be able to show you what they have been learning and share their work with you. 


Please remember that our Magical Makeover for our outside area is coming up on Saturday 31st March 2018 and any help is welcome. :-)


Have a great weekend!




This week Reception have joined the rest of the school in celebrating Science Week. 


It kicked off on Monday with a visit from 'Slimey' Sharron, a Chemist who helped us to make our own slime. She also showed us lots of other experiments using everyday objects such as straws, cups and nail varnish remover. 


On Tuesday we had a visit from two veterinary nurses from Scott's Vet Practice in Bedford. They came to talk to us about how they use science everyday to help the poorly animals and pets that they look after. Reception had lots of interesting questions to ask them and they listened extremely well to the answers. 


Also this week we have been creating our own experiments. On Monday we used some everyday household ingredients to create own own bubble solution, then using sticks and string we made or own bubble wands. We tested our bubbles outside on the playground and they were amazing. Some of the bubbles were so big that even the Pre-School children saw them floating past their classroom. 

Later on in the week we made our own 'Ocean in a Bottle'. Again, using household ingredients we created a mini environment for a sea creature to live in. The mixture separated and it created a lava lamp effect for us to look at. The children loved it!!!


Reception would like to say a big thank you to Miss S Williams for all of her hard work and organisation that went into Science Week and for making it so enjoyable for the children. 



This week was our Year R trip to Nene Valley Railway in Peterborough!!


Our tour guide was a volunteer from Nene Valley called Clifford, and he told us lots of interesting facts and stories about the railway and trains. He even told us that Nene Valley is a 'working museum', something which the children found fascinating. 

We got to eat our lunch on the steam train, as well as receive a ticket which got punched by the train's conductor as he walked through the train. The children were allowed to keep their tickets a little mementos from their day.

A big thank you to all of our staff that attended the trip, as well as the parent volunteers who donated their time to ensure our children were kept safe throughout the day. 

The trip was blessed by lovely weather and the children represented our school wonderfully throughout the day. Their behaviour was second to none! Well done Reception!


Also this week we have been focusing on Mother's Day, and why we celebrate it. We have been very busy creating something special for all of our Mummy's from Year R, and I think you'll be very impressed with the effort that everyone has put into their work this week. 


In Maths we have been using positional language to describe where objects are. All of the children were able to grasp the concept of positional language well and we have been hearing lots of lovely description going on around the classroom throughout the week. 


Finally, we gave our half term Parent's Afternoon coming up on Wednesday 21st March 2018, from 2.45pm.  This time we will have the children's literacy writing books available to look at as well as another short performance to welcome all parents. . 



This week in Reception we have been focusing on the author Jane Hissey, and her book Old Bear. 

We used our cross curricular links to design and write about ways in which we could get Old Bear down from the attic. The children came up with some very original ideas and used their creative and phonics skills to bring them to life. 


Later on in the week we celebrated World Book Day and we presented our wonderful work to the rest of the school. Needless to say that all staff and children were very impressed with the effort and hard work shown by the children in Reception Class. 


In Maths we have been practicing our number formation and building our number knowledge. 


Next week is our trip to Nene Valley Railway; please can you ensure your child comes to school in appropriate clothing and footwear. Children are still required to wear school uniform but please send in extra layers for warmth as well as a waterproof coat which is essential. We will spend the majority of the day walking around the railway so boots or wellies are also advisable. 



Welcome back after what I hope has been a very restful and happy half term break!!


This week we have been introducing our new topic to the children, 'Sing a Song of People'. 

We have looked at how we keep our bodies healthy by eating a balanced diet. The children have sorted food types to create their own 'healthy' plates as well as thinking about which foods they enjoy as treats. 


In maths we have been looking at sharing. As a class we have created a rhyme to help us remember what to do when we share...'When we share, it must be fair', and the children have found this an easy and simple way to help them solve sharing problems. The children have also enjoyed exploring weight, using balancing scales to compare objects whilst using language such as 'heavy', 'light' and 'lightest'. 


Our story this week has been 'Peace at Last' by Jill Murphy. The children have produced some of the best writing they have done so far this year by creating character descriptions. As well as focusing on the characters in the story, the children have been writing book reviews too, which have encouraged them to think about more than just the story itself, but to think about where the story is set and why that is important. 



We finished off our learning this week by exploring verbs within instructions, or 'Bossy Words' as we like to call them. We followed our instructions to make pancakes and then we got to choose toppings before we ate them. Miss Williams did not make even one dodgy pancake and we can confirm that they were YUMMY!!!! 


In Topic the children have been creating their own transport pictures which started off with just their footprint. Once the footprint was dry, they added to their pictures with a range of different art materials to create a vehicle of their choice. The outcomes have been amazing and some have made it up onto our 'Out of Doors' display is our classroom. 


We also had a brilliant turn out at our Parents Afternoon this week. It was a joy to see so many of you with your children, looking back at previous learning and seeing the progress that has been made through the Learning Journeys. Our children were thrilled to perform 'We're Going On a Bear Hunt' to their grownups, and they did a mighty good job of it too!! 


Finally, I would just like to take a brief moment to extend my thanks again to all parents and carers for welcoming me back from maternity leave this half term. It has been wonderful to return to work to such a fab bunch of children. 


Many thanks and I wish you a very restful half term. 


Miss Williams 



This week our maths focus as been addition and we have been putting our skills to the test by playing a special version of snacks and ladders. The children have all shown great turn taking skills to play the game in pairs, using careful counting and addition language to complete the maths stories. They all have showed great maths skills this week!


In literacy we have learnt a new word 'because'. The children have been using 'because' within their sentences to tell us where they would go on holiday and why. The writing that has been produced this week has blown the Reception staff away!! In particular the use of capital letters and full stops has been amazing!!


Our Reception boys have also been particularly busy this week, building and creating many different models and sculptures. It's been brilliant to see such good team work in action. Take a look at one of their creations below...



This week in Reception we have been busy again, this time focusing on Capacity!!!

We have all participated in making smoothies to investigate Capacity, measuring in cups and using careful counting to record our findings. We then got to taste our smoothies and speak about how healthy they are for us, not to mention how yummy they were!!


We have also been exploring our local area this week by going on a walk. We made maps to record the things we saw along the way as well as adding labels to show off our fab writing skills. 


In our outside area we have been exploring different textures and have been painting on cling film. The children loved this new take on painting and lots of lovely language came from describing the way it felt when it was being painted on. 

Keep up the hard work Reception Class!


Another fab week in Reception Class!


Our story this week has been 'The Big Red Bus', so we have been building our own sentences using some old and new high frequency words and reading them out loud to make sure they make sense. 


In maths we have been focusing on a new concept, Capacity. We have been outside using the water tray and different house hold containers to investigate which ones hold the most amount of water and therefore have the biggest capacity. We are now officially Maths Investigators!!! Due to Miss Williams being poorly this week we have been unable to make our smoothies, so we will be continuing our investigations into capacity next week with our fruit smoothie making. 


The children have been extremely creative this week and have made some amazing junk model transport. All of the adults have been super impressed with the children's independence and creativity, making these models some of the best we have ever seen in Reception Class!!!

Check out our model making.......



It's been another busy week in Reception Class!


In maths we have been introduced to Cup Man from the Maths Makes Sense scheme. We have created our own unique versions of Cup Man and have learnt the maths language to perform simple addition maths stories, using our own cup men to help us. We have also been outside to create our own addition maths stories using flower pots with a partner. All of the Reception Class staff are proud of the children's effort and hard work this week during our maths sessions. 


Our story focus for this week has been '5 Little Men in a Flying Saucer'. We have been creating our own sentences based on the places the flying men visited in the story, making sure to include our high frequency words of the week, 'they', 'went' and 'the'. The children's writing has been improving week on week, resulting in ever more increasing trips to Mrs Ward's office to show off their work! :-) 


In other news, Beatrice, our class bear has resumed her weekly visits home with the children, and we look forward to hearing about her adventures as this half term unfolds. 


A letter regarding our class trip to Nene Valley Railway on Wednesday 7th March 2018 has been sent out, please ask a member of our team if you need any more information.

We also have our Reception Class Parents Afternoon coming up on Wednesday 7th February, from 3pm to 3.30pm in our classroom. This will be another opportunity to celebrate all of the children's success, hard work and progress so far this year. Keep up the great work Reception Class!!




This week we have been thinking about our new topic for the half term,  'Out of Doors'. 

We have been thinking of ways to keep ourselves safe whilst crossing the road and traffic safety. 

The children have thoroughly enjoyed engaging in our story of the week, 'We're going on a Bear Hunt' and have created actions to perform along side the words to help them recall the text. They have also escaped the classroom to create their bear hunt maps around the school and playing fields. 

In Mathematics we have recapped our knowledge of 2D shapes and have continued our exploration and travel them by going on shape hunts inside our classroom and within the school. 


The children have returned to school refreshed and excited from the Christmas break and have settled back into school life extremely well :-)


It' been fab to return to Reception Class following my maternity leave, and I wish to thank all of the children, staff and parents for a very warm welcome. Happy New Year all!



This week we have enjoyed a range of Christmas activities including making cards, tree decorations and Christmas hats for our school dinner on Tuesday. We have had a really fun week enjoying the festivities which ended with a fantastic advent circle on Friday. The children lit candles (battery operated of course) and placed them on greenery on the floor which was laid out in a spiral. They reflected on the year and thought about the light of the candles representing Jesus; the light of the world. 


Thank you to everyone for coming along to the first parents afternoon of the year. We hope you enjoyed seeing our yoga and listening to our songs. It was a fantastic way to end the term and we hope that everyone has a well earned, restful and happy Christmas. 


Miss Williams looks forward to working with you all in the New Year and thank you for all your support over the last term. 


Check out some pictures of the advent circle below. 



This week we have been really busy preparing and performing our Christmas Play: Humph, the Camel! 

The play was all about a grumpy and lazy camel, named Humphrey, who didn't want to follow the star to find the baby Jesus. By the end of the story, Humph was the most delighted to find the baby and celebrated the most! 


We did an amazing job at performing this week and we hope that you enjoyed our performance if you came to watch. 


Please feel free to email in pictures to the office so that we can display then on our class page :) 



This week in Reception class we have been very busy. 

In literacy, we have been reading 'There was a Crooked Man' and have learnt the new High Frequency Word 'he'. We have been writing stories using this word about the man and using adjectives (describing words) to tell the reader more about him. We've continued to use our capital letters and full stops. 


In maths, we have continued playing number games which focus on ordering numbers out of sequence. We have been super speedy at putting numbers in the correct order :) 


Elsewhere, we have been working very hard on our Christmas play and have been joining up with Pre-school to rehearse on the stage in the hall. The performance is looking amazing! We can't wait to perform next week! 


Check out some pictures of our week!

This week in Reception class we have continued to think about houses. 

In literacy, we have been reading 'The Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe' and have been thinking about the main characters, how the story is structured and predicting what we thought might happen at the end. We've been writing some sentences about the old woman using our new High Frequency Word 'She'. The book also contains rhyming words and we have been practising rhyming strings e.g. hen, pen, den. We've really enjoyed learning about rhymes and the old woman :) 


In maths, we have been ordering numbers and matching numbers to amounts when they are out of order. Miss Williams showed us lots of different numbers that we needed to identify and then match to an amount of objects. We have also been spotting the missing number on a number line and finding numbers that are in the wrong place on the line. We've been super speedy at spotting the mistakes. 


In topic, we've been thinking about change and decay. We've been observing the changes to a pumpkin which was carved (by pre-school) in October. We have been learning about mould and how some bacteria is healthy but too much is not. We've been describing what we've seen inside the wall of the pumpkin. Harvey said 'It looks just like clouds', Chloe said 'It's gone black and green' and Henry said 'It's mouldy, its gone furry'. We've also completed a Science experiment called 'Dancing Rice'. We put a tray of rice onto a music speaker as it was playing music and observed what happened. The rice was dancing all over the tray and we thought about what made it move like that. We thought that the vibrations of the speaker made the rice jump; the louder and faster the music, the more the rice danced. 


We've had a visit from Miss Williams this week, who will be coming back in January and she was extremely impressed with our learning. She told Miss Williams that she enjoyed doing some writing with us and that our singing is fantastic! We're looking forward to seeing her again next week!


Check out some pictures of our week below! 



This week in Reception Class we have been thinking about houses. 

In literacy, we have been reading The House that Jack Built and have learnt the new words 'this' and 'that'. We have used these words to write sentences about different objects; we even used our phonics to sound out words to describe them too. We've also learnt some actions to help us to punctuate our sentences and have been using these when we've been writing. We have added capital letters and full stops to our work this week. Ask us what the actions we have learnt are for full stops and capital letters. 


In maths, we have been estimating and we have learnt that an estimate is a 'sensible' guess. We have been using all sorts of objects to estimate, from handfuls of pasta to cups of water and we've enjoyed making sensible guesses before using our counting skills to check if our estimates were correct. 


In topic, we have been looking at different types of houses and have even built our own using junk modelling. Lots of us bought in junk modelling materials (a big thank you to those who did) so that we had lots of choice of which materials to use to construct our houses. They all looked amazing! 


In other news, preparations for our Christmas play are going brilliantly and we have been learning actions to go with our songs this week. Our singing sounds incredible! We've also had a visit from Pudsey Bear. He judged our school colouring competition and announced the winners in assembly. Congratulations to our class winner Eliot! 


Check out some of our pictures below to see our amazing week!



This week in Reception Class we have been very busy doing lots of learning. 

In literacy, we have been reading The Princess and the Pea to help us learn some new high frequency words 'the' and 'has'. We talked about what we could see in the Princesses' bedroom and discussed what we can see in our own bedrooms and then wrote sentences about them with capital letters and full stops, We even had a visit from the Princes herself on Thursday and we asked her lots of questions about what happened to her in the story. 

In mathematics, we have been spotting shapes in our environment and creating patterns. We have learnt what the word 'repeating' means and have used cubes, bricks, blocks and even printing with paint to create repeating patterns. We've also been on the computers to play pattern games and decorate rockets using patterns of our choice. 

In topic lessons this week we have been lots of singing. We have started to learn the songs for our Christmas Play 'Humph the Camel' which is all about a grumpy camel called Humphrey. We've been super star singers and have been trying so hard to remember the words to all the songs. 

It's been a wonderful week! 


Note from Miss Williams - Just a quick message to say that I enjoyed seeing you all on Parents Consultation afternoon/evening and I hope you found it useful. If you have any questions or worries as a result of our conversation please get in touch via the office or at the school gate. We have a parents afternoon planned for the afternoon of Friday 15th December at 2.30pm,which will give you an opportunity to see what we have been doing in the classroom and look through the children's learning journeys. I hope to see lots of you there :) A reminder text will be sent out closer to the date. 



This week in Reception Class we have come back with a bang after half term and have been super busy doing all sorts of learning.

In literacy, we have been learning some new High Frequency Words ‘it’, ‘is’ and ‘went’ to write sentences all about Bonfire Night. The children have reviewed previous words they have learnt and added the new words into their list. We have written sentences using glitter paint and pencils in our books but have also been doing some Bonfire Night role-play using the words we have learnt.

In mathematics, we have been extending our counting skills by thinking about 1 more and 1 less as an introduction to addition and subtraction. We have been using dice to generate our own number problems, counting bricks and using the computers to play number games.

In topic, we have been creating firework art by using salad spinners to spin paint and glitter onto paper. We have also been using collage to create bonfire pictures and junk modelling to build rockets and fireworks. In addition, we have also been thinking about staying healthy and discussing this at the snack table.

Aside from our classroom learning, we have also enjoyed a wonderful Halloween Disco in P.E and a fantastic ‘Love in a Box’ service at the church where we presented our shoe boxes ready to be sent off to those in need this Christmas.

It's been a busy but fantastic week! Check out some photos of our activities below.




Over the past half term, the children have been extremely busy settling in to their new class and getting to know each other. They have all made a fantastic start to the school year and we would like to share a few highlights of the term. 


We have thought about our senses this half term and the children smelt, touched and tasted different objects and items of food. It was excellent to see so many children trying new things. 


We have also been practicing our throwing and catching skills within our P.E lessons. The children were fantastic, impressing all the adults with how well they could all throw and catch a ball. 


Over the past week, we have been thinking about changes to our environment during Autumn. The children have been on nature walks, completed leaf rubbings and made hedgehogs and bowls out of the leaves they have collected. 


Well done to everyone on an amazing half term! 


Weekly updates on what we have been up to will follow on the website as of next half term

Picture 1 learning to throw and catch
Picture 2 learning to throw and catch
Picture 3 nature walk
Picture 4 nature walk
Picture 5 baking and decorating cakes
Picture 6 baking and decorating cakes
Picture 7 sense of touch
Picture 8 sense of smell
Picture 9 sense of taste
Picture 10 hunting for shapes
Picture 11 learning our high frequency words by playing snap