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Class 4

Welcome to Year 4's page


Autumn 1 - Heroes and Villains!


Some of the questions we hope to answer this half term


  •  What features characterise a hero and a villain?
  •  What does it mean to be heroic or villainous and can these ideas overlap?
  •  What are morals and how do mine differ from other   peoples?
  •  What is the difference between right and wrong and how can these be seen in every day life?
  •  How can I be the best that I can be?
  •  How can I demonstrate our school values?
  •  What targets can I set myself?
  •  How can we write a story with a clear beginning, middle and end?
  •  How is sound created and how can I alter it?


House keeping 



Monday of each week, a new set of spellings will be sent home to be practised daily. These will then be tested the following Monday. Any mistakes will then carry over to the following week. 



Children experience many opportunities to read throughout the school day.  In year 4 children may be heard to read on an individual basis once a week to monitor progress and suitability of the ‘home reading book'.  However, reading books may be changed on completion provided the reading card has been signed with an accompanying comment on how the reading went.  Children may read independently once on library reading.

Please try to set aside 10 - 15 quiet minutes at home on a daily basis to enable your child to practise his/her reading.  This may be any reading including comics, the newspaper or a home reading book.  We expect the children to read something 5 times a week; please sign their diaries to confirm this.

Children who are still developing their reading skills, or who have special needs will be heard more frequently and will have a structured phonics programme to follow. 



Each half term a new topic will be introduced. A new topic leaflet will be sent home with a lost of suggested take home tasks. These are practical and are designed to compliment the learning taking part in the classroom. The activities can be done in any particular order and is very welcome to be brought into the class to show off. These activities are additional to the daily spellings and reading.



In year 4, we will have PE twice a week. The days will be on a Monday and a Wednesday. All children are expected to have a PE kit with suitable footwear for outside. As the days get colder, children will need to have jogging bottoms and a jumper as we will be playing hockey. All long hair needs to be tied up and jewellery removed.