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Our Science Vision

Science and Engineering are vitally important industries in the modern world. Even if children do not become scientists or engineers they will grow up in a world that requires scientific literacy and critical thinking skills. Science is all around us and helps children to make sense of the world.

At Renhold Primary School we recognise the importance of Science and strive to maintain a high profile for the subject within our school. Our desire to empower and motivate children to develop a lifelong love of science is reflected in our curriculum, extra- curricular activities and nurturing learning environments.

A scientist observes, questions, creates hypotheses, experiments, records data, and then analyses that data. All children can be scientists by following their own natural curiosity, and at Renhold Primary, teachers help to build and reinforce these skills so that children are able to thrive and achieve.

Renhold Primary School aspires to provide excellent opportunities for Science so that children can:

Make meaningful links between classroom learning and the real world in order to develop their understanding of Science

Develop scientific literacy and critical thinking skills by designing and carrying out their own investigations

Make progress; growing and fulfilling their potential regardless of their circumstances

Nurture their curiosity by asking ‘big’ questions, in turn developing wonderment and a sense of excitement

For the above principles to be achieved, we will:

Provide frequent, high-quality, real-life experiences related to Science

Provide teachers with opportunities to further develop their subject knowledge

Provide opportunities for children to ask their own questions, experiment and plan their own investigations, giving them the support they need to be able to develop scientific skills

Provide well maintained, organised and up to date resources, including IT, which will support learning



We are delighted to have been awarded the Primary Science Quality Mark Gilt Award (2019)

This is an extract from the feedback which we received from the assessor:


This is a strong submission and I have no hesitation in recommending it for the PSQM GILT.  The subject is being led effectively, enthusiastically and energetically.  As a result, children are being engaged and inspired. Their feedback is so positive. You have momentum and I am sure that the very effective leadership will ensure that science continues flourish. Very well done. 


Please look at our science page to find out what amazing things we have been doing:

Progression of skills in science