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Who's Who - Staff

Teaching Staff

Headteacher: Mrs Jane Ferguson

Assistant Headteacher: Mrs Andrea Ward    SENCo and Designated Safeguarding Lead

Foundation Class: Miss Sarah Williams

Class 1: Mrs Paula Whitmore

Class 2: Mrs Michelle Ferguson

Class 3: Miss Alice Joy

Class 4: Mrs Andrea Wilkinson

Class 5: Miss Lisa Larham Senior Teacher, Deputy Safeguarding Lead


Support Staff

Pre-School: Mrs Michelle Prigmore (Leader), Mrs Laura Millard, Mrs Maddy Cox, Mrs Jessica Wright, Mrs Tracey Stanford

Foundation Class:  Mrs Lucilla Bouchier, Miss Sophie Whitmore, Mrs Rebecca Epifano

Class 1: Mrs Alison Dennis, Mrs Jess Wright, Mrs Gail Whitlock

Class 2: Mrs Sue Fowler, Mr Wayne Beddall

Class 3: Mrs Jackie Canale

Class 4: Mrs Caroline Biswell

Class 5: Mrs Kay Abbott, Miss Sophie Shankland Mann

Forest School Leader: Mrs Alison Damiano

Forest School Assistant: Mr Josh Burnapp


Office Staff

Office Manager: Mrs Clare Gayford

Clerical Assistant: Mrs Vicky Thompson

Care Club Administrator: Mrs Sue Fowler

ICT Technician: Mr Tom Ferguson


Midday Supervisors


Mrs Jessica Wright - Senior MDSA

Mrs Mary Anne Licchelli

Miss Daniella Canale

Miss Sophie Whitmore

Mrs Alison Dennis


Parent Support:

Family Support Advisor: Ms Donna Gower


Extended Services

Breakfast Club Leader: Mrs Alison Dennis

Breakfast Club Assistants: Mr Josh Burnapp, Miss Sophie Shankland Mann

After School Club Leader: Miss Daniella Canale

After School Club Assistant: Mrs Alison Dennis

After School Club Assistant: Miss Sophie Shankland Mann

PE & Sports Activity Leader: Mr Josh Burnapp



Site Agent: Mrs Denise Mayes