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Curriculum and Assessment


Our Curriculum is divided into 6 themes throughout the year, taught through a skills based curriculum.  They are based on major aspects of classic art.  Creativity, art and music underpin our whole curriculum, through which children are also taught problem solving and team work skills. 


These topic headings will also be adapted to a variety of headings: for example, the “Living Environment” may appear to the children as “Beatrix Potter” or “Down on the Farm”; the Built Environment as “World War 2”.   The “Strange and Wonderful” may appear as “Alice in Wonderland” or "Myths and Legends”.Topic headings are flexible and designed to appeal to, and follow the interests of the children. 


Through teaching all the learning intentions in our topic plan, the National Curriculum is fully covered, as is the local RE Agreed Syllabus and Personal, Social and Health Education.


All our topics are planned to engage the children in a variety of learning styles.  They incorporate “Stunning Starts”, “Marvellous Middles” and “Fabulous Finishes” and include trips and visiting experts to enhance the curriculum and plenty of art, dance, music and performance.


The above is currently being used in conjunction with the Cornerstones Curriculum which will eventually form our entire curriculum. For further information on this please see 

If you require any further information about the curriculum, please contact us via the school office.