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Vision, Ethos & Christian Values

Our Vision


The foundation of our curriculum is our Christian ethos which recognises the faith foundation of our school, and includes our Christian Values.  They underpin all our work.  We believe that children should be raised in an atmosphere of love and respect which raises self-esteem and confidence, makes children feel secure and able to take risks with their learning.  We value and welcome all children and aim to meet their individual needs, and enable all to achieve their potential.


Our Values


We believe that the teaching of Christian values contributes to the character development of our pupils and also to the quality of their community life. This also supports the development of the spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) development of children. Christian values are inherently rooted in the person and teaching of Jesus Christ and his invitation to experience life in all its fullness. In our collective worship we begin with the teaching and example of Christ as a starting point. We also reflect on how these core Christian values inform our approach to teaching British values.


For more information on Values Education and SMSC please look at the documents below.