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What are Governors?

What are Governors?


Governors are a body of people who make policy decisions about how the school is run and set the vision for the school.  They are made up of representatives from the teaching and non-teaching staff, the local church, local representatives, parents and the Local Education Authority.  They meet at least once a term, with sub-committees and working groups covering financial matters, personnel and building maintenance and development.

Governors have legal duties, powers and responsibilities.  They can only act as a body, having no individual power.


Governors are appointed to:


  • Decide how the school budget is spent

  • Set standards of behaviour and agree an anti bullying policy

  • Agree curriculum policies, particularly those for sex education and RE.

  • Interview and select the Headteacher

  • Monitor standards of education for all groups of pupils
  • Look after the needs of vulnerable children
  • Ensure that children are kept safe


The Headteacher is responsible for the day-to-day management of the school and for managing the school budget within the Governors’ policy guidelines.