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Welcome to Reception Class!

We hope that you and your child will soon settle in and feel happy and confident in being part of our school. We understand that school can be an overwhelming place for a new Reception child, so this page of our website will hopefully give you as much information as you need to help your child settle in and feel comfortable. 


Please make sure your child always has a coat as we go outside in most weathers. 


We have P.E on Tuesday morning. Weather depending, we may use our hall inside or our outside playground/field, so please make sure your child has full P.E kit. 


Library is on Friday morning and this is when children will have a chance to change their library book. Please ensure that your child has their library book with them in order to change their book. 


Please make sure your child has their book bag everyday in school containing their library book, reading book and reading record as we will be reading with the children every week after October half term. We will write in reading records once we have read with the children and we encourage you to do the same at home so that both you and we can see how often children are reading, when books are being changed and how well your children are doing. 


Please do not hesitate to contact a member of staff on the gate, or through the school office if you have any worries or concerns. 

School Readiness:

In Reception Class we encourage children to be as independent as they possibly can, developing an array of skills throughout the year. In order to give your child the best possible start from September we encourage parents to think about how to prepare their child ready for school.                                                  

At Renhold, we consider school readiness to be:

  • Can use the toilet independently.                                                                                                                                   
  • Can recognise their own name.
  • Able to eat independently (ideally using a knife and fork).                                                                                             
  • Can write the initial sound of their name, if not their whole name, .
  • Can dress themselves as independently as possible, e.g putting on coats, shoes and socks etc. 



Links to Ready to Learn leaflets are available on our parents page for extra support if needed. 


Early Reading and Mathematics


In phonics, we use the Read Write Inc scheme. The children get used to the Read Write Inc style of learning phonics very quickly and each sound is taught in a similar way. The children follow a series of activities within each session which helps them to embed their learning and recap previously learnt sounds. They particularly enjoy the fun ways of praising each other and themselves; it really does bring their learning of reading to life and brings smiles to everyone's faces. Fred the frog also makes regular appearances throughout phonics sessions and we use him to help break down words in their sounds. As Fred can only speak in 'Fred talk' and not in words, the children use Fred to help segment words into their individual sounds before blending them back together to form words. Please note that in Reception we begin with sound set 1 and work towards learning all of sound set 2 by the end of Reception year. 


Some useful websites you might want to look at are:


In number work we use the ‘Maths Makes Sense’ scheme.  This is a learning scheme designed to reinforce the learning of maths skills through physical tasks, including skills such as addition, subtraction, shape, pattern and measure. 

Twice a half term we share a learning leaflet, designed to inform parents and carers of the learning that is going to be happening throughout the half term, and then a round up and celebration of the achievements that have been made over the weeks. This way you can talk to them about their time at school.  Each child has their own ‘Learning Journal’.  This is for everyone to share their achievements while in Reception.  We all add to this- the children, you and the teachers.  It shows the levels your child is working at in relation to the Early Years Foundation Stage and has examples of their activities and achievements.  We share this with you every half term.  We will have a time for you to come in and share this with your child or you may take it home to share with other  members of your family.


Our Golden Rules and Behaviour Chart

Our Golden Rules and Behaviour Chart  1
Our Golden Rules and Behaviour Chart  2

We are always talking about our Golden Rules in Reception class. 


When we follow the Golden Rules we get to go on the rainbow, pot of gold or unicorn. You can also go onto the rainbow for trying really hard with your work, doing something amazing or impressing one of the adults. If we need to think about the rules we go to the thinking cloud, where if we make good choices can go back to the sunshine. However, if we don't make a good choice in our behaviour we have to go to the sad cloud. If we are on the sad cloud, we lose five minutes of our choosing time before returning to the sunshine to have a fresh start. 


We have two awards given out each week to children who have followed the Golden Rules and impressed the adults; they are 'The Gold Box' and 'Beatrice Bear'. The Gold Box goes home to be filled with things that are special to the person who's turn it is. This can be wrappers from their favourite foods, pictures of family and friends or toys. Beatrice Bear also goes home for the weekend with the chosen child. She comes in a backpack with a diary for you to fill in with entries all about the weekend. Some children like to stick photos into the diary too, which is a great way to bring it to life. The children get to talk to the class about both the Gold Box and Beatrice on their return to school on Monday; it is a great way for them to share and practise their speaking skills. 

Picture 1 The Gold Box
Picture 2 Beatrice Bear

What have we been up to this week? 


This week we have enjoyed a range of Christmas activities including making cards, tree decorations and Christmas hats for our school dinner on Tuesday. We have had a really fun week enjoying the festivities which ended with a fantastic advent circle on Friday. The children lit candles (battery operated of course) and placed them on greenery on the floor which was laid out in a spiral. They reflected on the year and thought about the light of the candles representing Jesus; the light of the world. 


Thank you to everyone for coming along to the first parents afternoon of the year. We hope you enjoyed seeing our yoga and listening to our songs. It was a fantastic way to end the term and we hope that everyone has a well earned, restful and happy Christmas. 


Miss Williams looks forward to working with you all in the New Year and thank you for all your support over the last term. 


Check out some pictures of the advent circle below. 



This week we have been really busy preparing and performing our Christmas Play: Humph, the Camel! 

The play was all about a grumpy and lazy camel, named Humphrey, who didn't want to follow the star to find the baby Jesus. By the end of the story, Humph was the most delighted to find the baby and celebrated the most! 


We did an amazing job at performing this week and we hope that you enjoyed our performance if you came to watch. 


Please feel free to email in pictures to the office so that we can display then on our class page :) 



This week in Reception class we have been very busy. 

In literacy, we have been reading 'There was a Crooked Man' and have learnt the new High Frequency Word 'he'. We have been writing stories using this word about the man and using adjectives (describing words) to tell the reader more about him. We've continued to use our capital letters and full stops. 


In maths, we have continued playing number games which focus on ordering numbers out of sequence. We have been super speedy at putting numbers in the correct order :) 


Elsewhere, we have been working very hard on our Christmas play and have been joining up with Pre-school to rehearse on the stage in the hall. The performance is looking amazing! We can't wait to perform next week! 


Check out some pictures of our week!

This week in Reception class we have continued to think about houses. 

In literacy, we have been reading 'The Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe' and have been thinking about the main characters, how the story is structured and predicting what we thought might happen at the end. We've been writing some sentences about the old woman using our new High Frequency Word 'She'. The book also contains rhyming words and we have been practising rhyming strings e.g. hen, pen, den. We've really enjoyed learning about rhymes and the old woman :) 


In maths, we have been ordering numbers and matching numbers to amounts when they are out of order. Miss Williams showed us lots of different numbers that we needed to identify and then match to an amount of objects. We have also been spotting the missing number on a number line and finding numbers that are in the wrong place on the line. We've been super speedy at spotting the mistakes. 


In topic, we've been thinking about change and decay. We've been observing the changes to a pumpkin which was carved (by pre-school) in October. We have been learning about mould and how some bacteria is healthy but too much is not. We've been describing what we've seen inside the wall of the pumpkin. Harvey said 'It looks just like clouds', Chloe said 'It's gone black and green' and Henry said 'It's mouldy, its gone furry'. We've also completed a Science experiment called 'Dancing Rice'. We put a tray of rice onto a music speaker as it was playing music and observed what happened. The rice was dancing all over the tray and we thought about what made it move like that. We thought that the vibrations of the speaker made the rice jump; the louder and faster the music, the more the rice danced. 


We've had a visit from Miss Williams this week, who will be coming back in January and she was extremely impressed with our learning. She told Miss Williams that she enjoyed doing some writing with us and that our singing is fantastic! We're looking forward to seeing her again next week!


Check out some pictures of our week below! 



This week in Reception Class we have been thinking about houses. 

In literacy, we have been reading The House that Jack Built and have learnt the new words 'this' and 'that'. We have used these words to write sentences about different objects; we even used our phonics to sound out words to describe them too. We've also learnt some actions to help us to punctuate our sentences and have been using these when we've been writing. We have added capital letters and full stops to our work this week. Ask us what the actions we have learnt are for full stops and capital letters. 


In maths, we have been estimating and we have learnt that an estimate is a 'sensible' guess. We have been using all sorts of objects to estimate, from handfuls of pasta to cups of water and we've enjoyed making sensible guesses before using our counting skills to check if our estimates were correct. 


In topic, we have been looking at different types of houses and have even built our own using junk modelling. Lots of us bought in junk modelling materials (a big thank you to those who did) so that we had lots of choice of which materials to use to construct our houses. They all looked amazing! 


In other news, preparations for our Christmas play are going brilliantly and we have been learning actions to go with our songs this week. Our singing sounds incredible! We've also had a visit from Pudsey Bear. He judged our school colouring competition and announced the winners in assembly. Congratulations to our class winner Eliot! 


Check out some of our pictures below to see our amazing week!



This week in Reception Class we have been very busy doing lots of learning. 

In literacy, we have been reading The Princess and the Pea to help us learn some new high frequency words 'the' and 'has'. We talked about what we could see in the Princesses' bedroom and discussed what we can see in our own bedrooms and then wrote sentences about them with capital letters and full stops, We even had a visit from the Princes herself on Thursday and we asked her lots of questions about what happened to her in the story. 

In mathematics, we have been spotting shapes in our environment and creating patterns. We have learnt what the word 'repeating' means and have used cubes, bricks, blocks and even printing with paint to create repeating patterns. We've also been on the computers to play pattern games and decorate rockets using patterns of our choice. 

In topic lessons this week we have been lots of singing. We have started to learn the songs for our Christmas Play 'Humph the Camel' which is all about a grumpy camel called Humphrey. We've been super star singers and have been trying so hard to remember the words to all the songs. 

It's been a wonderful week! 


Note from Miss Williams - Just a quick message to say that I enjoyed seeing you all on Parents Consultation afternoon/evening and I hope you found it useful. If you have any questions or worries as a result of our conversation please get in touch via the office or at the school gate. We have a parents afternoon planned for the afternoon of Friday 15th December at 2.30pm,which will give you an opportunity to see what we have been doing in the classroom and look through the children's learning journeys. I hope to see lots of you there :) A reminder text will be sent out closer to the date. 



This week in Reception Class we have come back with a bang after half term and have been super busy doing all sorts of learning.

In literacy, we have been learning some new High Frequency Words ‘it’, ‘is’ and ‘went’ to write sentences all about Bonfire Night. The children have reviewed previous words they have learnt and added the new words into their list. We have written sentences using glitter paint and pencils in our books but have also been doing some Bonfire Night role-play using the words we have learnt.

In mathematics, we have been extending our counting skills by thinking about 1 more and 1 less as an introduction to addition and subtraction. We have been using dice to generate our own number problems, counting bricks and using the computers to play number games.

In topic, we have been creating firework art by using salad spinners to spin paint and glitter onto paper. We have also been using collage to create bonfire pictures and junk modelling to build rockets and fireworks. In addition, we have also been thinking about staying healthy and discussing this at the snack table.

Aside from our classroom learning, we have also enjoyed a wonderful Halloween Disco in P.E and a fantastic ‘Love in a Box’ service at the church where we presented our shoe boxes ready to be sent off to those in need this Christmas.

It's been a busy but fantastic week! Check out some photos of our activities below.




Over the past half term, the children have been extremely busy settling in to their new class and getting to know each other. They have all made a fantastic start to the school year and we would like to share a few highlights of the term. 


We have thought about our senses this half term and the children smelt, touched and tasted different objects and items of food. It was excellent to see so many children trying new things. 


We have also been practicing our throwing and catching skills within our P.E lessons. The children were fantastic, impressing all the adults with how well they could all throw and catch a ball. 


Over the past week, we have been thinking about changes to our environment during Autumn. The children have been on nature walks, completed leaf rubbings and made hedgehogs and bowls out of the leaves they have collected. 


Well done to everyone on an amazing half term! 


Weekly updates on what we have been up to will follow on the website as of next half term

Picture 1 learning to throw and catch
Picture 2 learning to throw and catch
Picture 3 nature walk
Picture 4 nature walk
Picture 5 baking and decorating cakes
Picture 6 baking and decorating cakes
Picture 7 sense of touch
Picture 8 sense of smell
Picture 9 sense of taste
Picture 10 hunting for shapes
Picture 11 learning our high frequency words by playing snap

Previous Year's Learning

Previous Year's Learning  1 Visiting the railway as part of our topic.
Previous Year's Learning  2 Exploring our surroundings
Previous Year's Learning  3 Making up stories and taking turns
Previous Year's Learning  4 Exploring and talking together
Previous Year's Learning  5 Working together to build a den
Previous Year's Learning  6 Playing musical instruments
Previous Year's Learning  7 Writing our letters
Previous Year's Learning  8 Exploring what we can make our bodies do
Previous Year's Learning  9 Recreating stories we have been reading