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Coming up this half term ... iSingPop Concerts 19 July ...Willows Activity Farm - Yrs R & 1 12 July ...Willen Lake Adventure Day Yr 5 20 July....
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Class 4

Year 4


Welcome to Year 4's class page.

Here is where you will find out what we have been learning in class!


Summer 2018   

Road Trip USA!


Questions that we hope to answer .... 


~ Where is the USA on a map?

~ What does USA stand for?

~ What can I find out about American cities?

~ How long does it take to get to America?

~ Where is America in relation to the Equator, Northern Hemisphere, Southern Hemisphere, the Tropic of Cancer and Capricorn?

~ Can I identify common appliances that run on electricity?

~ Can I construct a simple series electrical circuit and name its basic parts ?

~ How do I record data on a shared spreadsheet or database?

~ Can I compose and send an email?

~ What can I find out about the Native American Iroquois tribe?

~ Where did they live and what was their life like?

~ Can I write a character profile about one of the characters from the book             

'The Indian in the Cupbaord'

~ What kind if world did Jesus want?




Who has set up a den in our nature area?

Who has set up a den in our nature area?  1
Who has set up a den in our nature area?  2
Who has set up a den in our nature area?  3
Who has set up a den in our nature area?  4
Who has set up a den in our nature area?  5
Who has set up a den in our nature area?  6

Our trip to Mowsbury Hillfort.

Class 4 housekeeping:



We have PE every Monday and Friday so please ensure your child has their PE kit in school. We ask that all pieces of kit are clearly labelled. PE kit inspections will take place once every half term.



Spellings are tested every Tuesday morning. Every child has an individual spelling list which is tailored to their needs; on top of this each child will have 3 additional spelling which are taken from their writing during school time. As well as this we work on a different spelling group each week as a whole class.


Forest School:

Each Wednesday a group of children will take their learning outdoors with Mrs Damiano. Children will write in their homework books when they will need to bring in their wellies, please ensure they are in school in the week they are needed.



Children experience many opportunities to read throughout the school day.  In year 4 children may be heard to read on an individual basis once a week to monitor progress and suitability of the ‘home reading book’.  Fluent readers may be monitored less often.  However, reading books may be changed on completion provided the reading card has been signed with an accompanying comment on how the reading went.  Children may read independently once on library reading.

Please try to set aside 10 - 15 quiet minutes at home on a daily basis to enable your child to practise his/her reading.  This may be any reading including comics, the newspaper or a home reading book.  We expect the children to read something 5 times a week; please sign their diaries to confirm this.

Children who are still developing their reading skills, or who have special needs will be heard more frequently and will have a structured phonics programme to follow. 


Home Work Books:

Each child has their own home work book; these are a vital part of the communication between myself and the parents. Each week pupils in class 4 will receive a piece of work to complete at home, it alternates between maths and a literacy based piece of work. Homework is handed out on a Friday and will be collected in on a Monday. We ask that everyday you write a short comment to what your child has done at home e.g. reading and or/practised spellings/times tables with a small signature. We then ask you sign off the week on the bottom right hand page ready for the Monday. Children will receive bricks for all of this being completed.

Although this may sound strict we are preparing your child for their transition to secondary school where homework books play a vital role during the school day.