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Engineering competition news.

Good morning everyone,


We have just received some fantastic news regarding our current and previous year 6 pupils which we wanted to share with you.


In March of this year, both classes had the opportunity to enter into an amazing competition; “If you were an engineer what would you do?”

The Leaders Award competition is a curriculum-based invention project that helps build English, literacy, design and technology skills. Every year, pupils between the ages of 3 and 19 interview engineering professionals to understand their creative problem-solving skills and careers. The pupils are tasked with identifying a problem, designing a solution to it and writing a letter explaining why engineers should build it.

The students spent an afternoon with an amazing engineer from Cranfield University who explained her journey in the career she was so passionate about, answered their questions, and brought in specialised equipment for them to use.

The entries have now been reviewed and I am proud to say that we have received some lovely certificates, with many children achieving a grading of merit or distinction for their problem-solving inventions. Well done everyone and many thanks to Mrs Trewby for organising this.