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Chairperson - Fiona Wilson, Lucilla Bouchier & Soll Butt

Treasurer - Rebecca Bijster

Secretary - Kay Abbott

Committee Members - Sarah Parker, Genna Yusuf, Caroline Fox, Jo Parsons, Jess Wright, Diane Clarke and Karen Plaatjes


The PTFA is the Parent, Teacher, Friends Association of Renhold Lower School.

Everyone is welcome to come along to the meetings and share fund raising ideas and thoughts of events that can run, or where money can be spent.


Our meetings are always very informal and shared over a cup of tea.

Everyone is a member of the PTFA regardless of whether you can attend meetings or not, so if you cannot come along to a meeting, your thoughts and ideas are still welcome. New and current parents are all welcome.

During the last school year alone, we have raised over £13,000, £8000 of which was clear profit.  This we have used to buy the fantastic traverse climbing wall in the playground, 8 picnic benches for the school field and some fun playground markings.  We have also contributed to new costumes for the school Christmas plays, tableware for the Christmas lunch, Christmas gifts, year 4 leavers disco, lollies for sports day, chocolate eggs at Easter and the year 4 netbooks.  We also donated £50 of gifts to each class for new toys for 'Golden Time'.  This has increased this year to £100 per class and all the gifts are now on their way!

We look forward to hearing from you.



Forthcoming PTFA events:


Wednesday 16 March - PTFA Meeting at 7.30pm

Thursday 7 April - Easter Cinema Afternoon 2.00 - 4.30pm

Friday 29 April - Sponsored Bounce

Saturday 30 April - 'Top of the Class' Quiz Night



Easter Cinema Afternoon